Want to know if your business is worthy? Host your own event!

Want to know if your business is worthy? Host your own event!

  • Morgan Applewhite

Wow, Hi everyone!

As some may know it has been a while since I’ve written a blog post but due to requests and having a new platform to blog on. All blog post will be on website my business website from now on! I can’t wait to share with all my previous and new readers. So to break the ice I decided to start with a topic that will be insightful and fun to talk about, so here we go!

As you all know Some Sugar, Some Spice had their first event this previous weekend –Not your Average Pop-Up and it was a success! We had six vendors all ranging from different products and services. The way I decided to go about picking my vendors was by using the following key things I learned since opening a business:

1. Knowledge after previous pop-ups.
So I tell people all the time prior to our websites launch and the exposure I have now. I did pop ups for two years
prior to “launching launching” therefore, I had the experience to see how most customers respond to seeing all
the same products, certain types of vendors, etc.

2. Customer Experience
The ultimate goal for the event is to earn money and clients/ customers. In order to do this you have to offer
products and/or services that you know interest your target client. Providing your customer with a great
experience will gain their attention and definitely their business.

3. Establishing Boss friendships
It’s a saying that goes “it’s not what you know but who you know” in order to do this you have to network with
people from all different backgrounds and experience. Creating these relationships will open you up to a range of
new clientele for your business as well as theirs.

Keeping these key ideas in mind I was able to network with some pretty bomb women entrepreneurs!

My goal was to provided my vendors with an experience that I never received in the two years I did pop ups. So to ensure this I became more personable with my vendors. Most times vendors have no relationship –whether personal or platonic with the host of the event, so I decided to be more involved. Get to know them all,provided insight if needed, and kept in contact with them. Simply, I wanted to build that relationship because that is what’s important and will stand out.

Overall the event was a complete success! We had over 100 people in attendance! Majority of all customers shopped with all of our vendors, including Some Sugar Some Spice (the host). The vibe and energy was something that couldn’t be faked!

So if you came THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!

Now the bad. So listen you guys, no names will be mentioned or any disrespect will be included but after the mishaps I had I am DEFINITELY going to give you all the do’s and don’ts list for entrepreneurs to LIVE by!

1. Favors/ Friendships and Business DO NOT go together.
I don’t care how long you’ve know that person or what they say. Get EVERYTHING in writing! Ladies, Gents.. “Per our conversation, I just wanted to confirm […]” them to death in email. If you’re not sure about something ask questions and don’t move or pay money until you get answers.

2. Re-Verify your dates continuously!
No shade but my reservations (makeup, hair, building, photographer, etc.) were all booked a month out from event date and they still got messed up. Fortunately, I was able to get things in order but for your sanity just
continue to recheck.

3. Plan for the unexpected
So many, too many things came up or was changed the week of my event that money that shouldn’t have been spent was spent. Let’s face it majority of us are small business owners or even if you’ve been in business for longer YOUR money is YOUR money and shelling out unnecessary funds is not what you want to do. Period so plan effectively.

4. If you make back what you spent on a vendors fee, YOU DID GOOD!
I know many people are hesitant to do events because they are afraid they won’t make any money at the event after already spending vendor’s fee and buying inventory. Well a few things to keep in mind: who’s hosting the
event, what other vendors will be present and making sure you get back the minimum of what you spent on the vendor’s fee. If you get that back plus more you can say you had a successful vending experience.

These are just a few concepts to keep in mind when getting ready for any event you have coming up in the near future. Trust me it will make your life so much easier and will take the load off of you as an entrepreneur.

Honestly, I can’t wait to host my next event! Seeing and feeling all the love and support I received over the weekend I can’t wait to meet more faces and sell Some Sugar Some Spice!

If you haven’t already check out the website and ORDER NOW! You won’t be disappointed!

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