Our Story......

Some Sugar, Some Spice is a loungewear and intimates apparel brand aiming to provide women with the ultimate goal- sexiness and comfort.

After saying enough is enough of not having clothes that are both sexy and comfortable – Some Sugar Some Spice was born in 2017 over mimosas and girl talk. Strides have been made ever since to deliver females with this necessity.

Our brand’s goal is to provide ambitious women all over the world -of all sizes, with outer and underwear that exudes the confidence we as superwomen possess on a daily for any occasion.
Our customers, whether you’re a super mom, serial entrepreneur, artist, model, student- you all deserve express all sides of you. The chill and relaxed side, the put the kids to bed side or the let me light my candles and enjoy just the quiet side- regardless of whichever is you our goal is to provide you with all things needed to achieve this oasis.
A femininity oasis is our goal and we aim to please through beauty, lingerie and loungewear to all women around the world!